Bug reporting

If you run into a problem with Anbox creating a bug report is the right way to get in touch with the developer community. The following will describe the steps you should follow when reporting a bug.

Check if the bug is already reported

The very first thing you should always do is to check the Anbox bug tracker for an existing bug report which matches the problem you’re experiencing. If one already exist please don’t file a new one but ammend to the existing one.

Update to the latest version of Anbox

Before you report a bug you should make sure you can reproduce it with the latest version of Anbox. To refresh the snap package simply run the following command:

$ snap refresh --edge --devmode Anbox

Once the refresh is done try to reproduce the bug you’ve found. If it is still present continue with the next steps.

Collect all necessary information for the bug report

When you attempt to create a bug report on our github project you will be asked to provide various information so developers have an easier job to find a solution for your problem. Please make sure you follow these steps!

Create the bug report

Once you have all information together go to the bug tracker and create the bug report.

A developer will confirm and triage your bug, then work can begin on it. If you are missing any information, you will be asked for it, so make sure to check in often!