Software Rendering

In some use cases (e.g. VirtualBox) it can be helpful to run Anbox with software rendering rather than with the EGL/GL driver provided by the host operating system. Anbox includes Swiftshader for this which provides a high-performance CPU based implementation of OpenGL ES and EGL.

NOTE: You need at least revision 114 of the Anbox snap for this.

To enable software rendering in Anbox the only thing you have to do is

$ snap set anbox software-rendering.enable=true
$ snap restart anbox.container-manager

BUT this will stop any running Anbox process. You have to start Anbox again afterwards.

Afterwards Anbox will use software rendering. If you want to disable software rendering it’s as simple as

$ snap set anbox software-rendering.enable=false
$ snap restart anbox.container-manager